Note large number of swans on water in distance

The unique and adventure based Alaska world of waterfowl is very hard to describe.  The birds are plentiful, but then they are in other North American waterfowl meccas also.  In Alaska wildfowling is all about the wild.  Butter Fat ducks and geese that come off the vast far north tundra Feeding only on the organic feed nature intended.  These wildfowl come from places that humans may have never seen, except maybe from the air.

Our area of the north has more species of waterfowl than almost any area of North America.  We have all the great classic traditional birds and the highest numbers of rare and near rare waterfowl.  Some of our birds even cross over from Russia. 

This is traditional wildfowling like great grandfathers may have experienced long ago.  We do not worry about the latest gear, or waterfowl electronic fad, but only the pure experience of elemental reading of nature and quarry as flights of ducks and geese come over the horizon from God knows where to toll into our decoy rigs. 

This is as pure and unadulterated true wild experience that a wildfowler can do in their lifetime, indeed these are hunts of a lifetime.  It's the majesty of the northern most part of most of North America.  Vast vistas that rival any landscape on the planet.  Bold, lofty mountains towering over little known wildfowl marshes that hold their own with the very best in the world. 

We take waterfowl guiding seriously.  Wildfowling is not to us just shooting some birds you may not have shot before.  It is much more.  Guiding should be a teaching and learning experience.  Time honored traditional methods.  Insights about the birds that only long experience can bring.  Guides that really know Alaska and what Alaska is all about

Make no mistake, man, this is it!

by Mike Robinson

Alaska guided duck hunts   

                       Mike Robinson

​​​​I offer Individualized and small group hunts in one of the truly great wildfowl marshes in North America.  The Matanuska Palmer hay flats was made famous by one of Americans best outdoor writers in his article "Skyfull of Bright Wings" .  We also have other marsh and field hunting available. Most species of North American ducks come thru this flyway and more species of Geese than almost any where else as they are not yet dispersed to the 4 major lower 48 state flyways.  The very rare Tule goose is here, along with Traveners, Aleutian, Crackler,  Specklebelly, and Snow.  Cranes are here sometimes in large numbers.

Ducks are the most reliable wildfowl here and I specialize in the classic North American species including Pintails, Mallard and Canvasback.  Gadwall and Widgeon are common as are Bluebills/Blackheads.  Premier duck populations that are in the decline in their traditional North American flyways are in fact healthy in Alaska.  This is especially true of Pintails and Bluebills.

Limits are liberal with 8 ducks of any species allowed with no restrictions except 2 Canvasback. 4 Dark geese are allowed, 4 White front, 4 White geese and 2 Cranes.  Season starts September 1 and usually runs until freeze -up in late October or early November.  Early season temperatures are very mild.  Southcentral Alaska is warmed by the Japanese current and is warmer than many Northern states and most of western Canada.  If you want real adventure the hard way, with a itch for leather, tough hunt, we also have that.  Running ice, snow, and a far northern wildfowl adventure can be had.

Our hunting is more reliable than Canadian field hunting and requires no hit or miss scouting.  Sorry, but we are not about large groups of hunters blasting away at birds, not knowing who shot what and sky-busting.  We also do not have hunts for "trophy" or exotic Alaska sea ducks that look more like a cross between a sea-gull and a parrot and taste like old clams.  Tradition comes first here and we only hunt traditional and  North American Marsh/Puddle, Diver ducks and Geese. We also have hunts for Cranes on request.

Our hunts are safe with no remote Alaska flying in small planes. (some of the worlds most dangerous flying).  Fresh water only, no salt, great for expensive double guns.  Cost effective hunts, no need to take out a second mortage on your house.

We are the only exclusive outfitter hunting over Alaska school "ALASKA GUIDE" series working wood decoys which are the last of the old time breed of "hand chopped" wood decoys in North America that we developed in the 1970's. This was made possible by Alaska's late blooming waterfowl hunting industry and remoteness. These decoys are unique, being completely hollow and float in the surface film of water, making them very realistic in movement.  We use no spin-wing ( with exceptions) or other modern crutches for luring waterfowl as these are classic traditional hunts with Alaska fair chase rules and old time sportsmanship.

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