Duck hunting Alaska

​Our goal is to offer hunts that are unique and traditional Alaska waterfowl hunts.  We strive to create hunts that are custom tailored for those hunters that want to participate in classic Alaskan wildfowl hunts.   We combine the accumulated vast knowledge of our great Far North Native hunters and also the resourcefulness of old time Chesapeake bay and Alaska decoy and call makers.  Making use of combined methods of these three iconic groups, we in a sense go back in time to that place of yesteryear when the waterfowl blackened the sky like forest fire smoke and hunters dreamed of the "great passage" of the flights.   

PROFESSIONAL WATERFOWL SECRETS download available thru paypal below.  This download is advanced information from an Alaska long time professional Waterfowl guide that is a great addition to the information on this website. 

 We provide Alaska duck hunting.  Alaska waterfowl shooting and Alaska wildfowl outfitting.

Guided Waterfowl adventures on Alaska's most famous and historic waterfowl flyway.

                                ALASKA WATERFOWL GUIDE

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